How Cooking Class at Levic Can Help Children With Autism

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Taking care of children with autism has always been a hard and rough journey because autistic children are sensitive, inconsistent, and fragile. Thus, it is a must to have special programs as well as extra care to help autistic children overcome their problems and integrate into the society.
At Levic, we provide cooking therapies for developing children's social skills and enhancing their physical and mental health. In this post, we will go into detail to see why the cooking class is the best method to support autistic children. 

Benefits of learning how to cook for Children with Autism at Levic

Customized programs for each member

Through years of experience, we have acknowledged that every child is different. Some children were born with extremely high sensitivity, some possessed the talent in physical activities, some were naturally intelligent in music, etc.
We know that the development pace, as well as the learning method of each person, is distinctive, so, if we apply the same method to every child, it could be such a failure in education.
There are some children that can learn physical activities faster than others, and some can understand the ambiguous ideas quickly. So, to optimize the learning process at Levic, we will create a customized program based on each child’s personalities and abilities, and ascertain that the consultation will be provided carefully before the beginning of the class.

Friendly and professional teachers

Friendly environment for autistic children
Friendly environment for autistic children

At Levic, we guarantee that our staff and instructors have gone through professional trainings for students-in-need.      Therefore, before teaching, all staff are qualified, well-trained, have a moral and pedagogically approach to the students.
At Levic, we understand that children with autism are highly sensitive when compared to others at the same age. So, our priority is to take good care of autistic students because any external force can trigger them. 

Development-oriented curriculum

Levic’s cooking class is founded with the mission of providing the best support for children with disabilities. We aim to see the development of every client who came to us. We are happy to see the kids improve and better every day, so, the numbers, the data, is not what we will concern about during our process.
Specifically, for children with autism, it is obvious that their development progress will not follow the ordinary pace. Our focus is on how our students learn, change, and enhance their abilities every day.
Thus, the customized curriculum we designed for each of our students will mostly prioritize their progress of learning and development day by day, while excluding the performance.

Mentally and physically boosting method

Boost children's mental health
Boost children's mental health

Learning how to cook is an exciting activity to boost mental and physical health of children. When cooking, the kids have to move around, prepare the ingredients, taste the dish, wash the kitchen utensils, etc. which will urge children to be more active. Therefore, the body structure and muscles are gradually firmer and wirier. In other words, working in the kitchen is an effective work-out method.
For autistic children, cooking therapy is a highly-recommended option. While learning how to cook, they can interact with other kids who share similar traits. According to the research conducted in 2018 published by the US National Library of Medicine, the cooking class helps children improve their communications, boost up their confidence, and decrease social anxiety. Briefly, cooking classes can positively enhance mental and physical health.

Achievements of cooking classes for Children with Autism at Levic

Develop the sensory exposure

Most autistic children are highly sensitive to external pressures that even a tiny change can stress them seriously. They always feel embarrassed whenever being exposed to the world.
The cooking programs will increase the children's chances of developing interactions with the outside world. They will be encouraged to go out of their "comfort zone" and become moderately open-minded.
The more sensory exposure they have, the less anxious they will feel about the society around them. Autistic children will be less aggressive and more eager to discover the world.

Advance communications

As stated above, the cooking class is a perfect chance for autistic children to learn communications with other people. When communicating with their classmates, who share the same conscious traits, they have to use a particular vocabulary groups and grammar structures, examine whether they are appropriate and adjust flexibly. By that process, they could learn how to interact with people.
Meanwhile, the communication with the teachers requires totally different skills. Instructors are older and more mature, so conversations with them can urge the children to think of a more complicated structure and difficult vocabulary.
In general, cooking class improves communications for autistic children because they can expose to different groups of people as well as new techniques of speaking.

Learn new social skills

Learn new skills
Learn new skills

Cooking class, particularly Levic’s classes, not only improves the communications but also creates opportunities to learn new social skills. For instance, when preparing ingredients, children have to be careful so as not to overuse seasonings. To add-in, the cooking process requires patience and attentiveness, which are not the common trait of autistic children, so, to cook a good dish, they have to overcome their own struggles and learn new skills.
Or, while cooking, there are times that they need help from classmates or teachers, and they have to politely ask for support. However, children with autism tend to do things by themselves and interact with others aggressively. So, when being in this cooking class, they will realize that they must change their traits if they want to get along well with classmates.
Briefly, we can see that children can pick up many useful social skills during the class such as raising their opinions, asking for help, and being calm and polite when interacting with others.

Improve children's confidence

Children with autism have high sensitivity which makes them always worry about interacting with others. As a result, their shyness prevents their exposure to the society. Thus, joining the cooking class at Levic will encourage them to break the "wall", and integrate with others.
As mentioned above, we could see that cooking therapy can enhance communications as well as learn new social skills. Besides, cooking helps autistic children gain new experiences and abilities to take care of themselves, so, children can reflect themselves as a better individual, which later can lead to higher self-esteem.
Gradually, children will have more confidence to do things independently. Their shyness is slowly removed through the process of improving themselves.


By this post, we have gone through the benefits and achievements of cooking therapy for children with autism at Levic. It is obvious that learning how to cook is an excellent method to enhance the autistic children's ability to socialize and to live. We believe that you could find this cooking therapy useful either.
For further information about autistic children supporting, we highly recommend you the website Levic as a reliable resource.
Thank you for reading!
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