Levic’s Dance Class For Child with Autism - Dance to Learn & Develop

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At Levic, we care about the development of kids with mental imbalance, specifically autism. To our belief, dancing is an excellent way to help your kids get one foot out of his/her shell and explore the world in their own movements.

For that reason, the motivation behind dance classes at Levic was to give ASD individuals an opportunity to embrace dancing as a method of developing their communication skills.

The class's objectives were to engage the members to find individual articulation by practicing and illuminating their social, mental, and physical prosperity.

Investigating and evaluating what members experienced during meetings may carry understanding to guardians, experts, and people that work and live with the practices of ASD.

If you want to find out more about Levic dance class, stay tuned for the benefits and achievements that children with autism can receive after finishing our course.
Levic Dance Class for Children with Autism
Levic Dance Class for Children with Autism


Benefits of Levic Dance Class for Children with Autism

Friendly-expert teachers

At Levic, our dance teachers, who all have dance teaching backgrounds, are aware that autistic children have trouble accessing and dealing with the information they receive.
With over ten years specialized in choreographing and instructing dance moves, our teachers will figure out the most suitable ways to teach your kids. Lessons will be delivered slowly and gently so that every student in the class is able to follow. Each student will be accompanied by a teaching assistant to ensure he/she is keeping up with others in the class.
If you worry that your kid is a loner, those thoughts will be long gone once your kid becomes an official member of the class. This dance class is specially made for children with autism, which guarantees that your kid will be surrounded by friends who have the same personal background as him/her.
To maintain a subtle yet fun environment for your kids to express his/her feelings through movements, the number of students in one class is narrowed down to only 4-5 children. Along with our teachers' open-minded personality and lessons, your kids will slowly enjoy dancing more than ever.

Focus on development, not the result

At Levic, we care about the progress of your children through these tough times.
Aside from the advantages of having fun through the learning process, our dance class permits your kids to gain more association with the surrounding people, encouraging them to open their minds and hearts to receive good things in life.
Seeing and interacting with new friends while attending our class can likewise be a remarkable side effect besides being physically healthy. These social communications are an incomparable method to improve autism’s disposition and psychological well-being, therefore contribute significantly to their general feeling of bliss.
Remember that our dance class is not made to recruit professional dancers but an environment for your kid to express himself/herself in such a unique way. If you think that your kid is not potentially a good dancer, don't worry much about it. The point is that he/she is having fun throughout the journey. To Levic belief, the process is more important than the result.

Achievements of Levic Dance Class for Children with Autism

As indicated by Anjana Bhat - an autism educator at Delaware University, it is reported that kids with autism appreciate melodic exercises and show more positive cooperation with others.
Through prominent eye-to-eye connection, grinning, and talking while taking part in a dancing program, the dance class will undoubtedly provide a safe and ideal environment for your kid to develop his/her communication skills.
Here is the list of achievements that your autistic kids can achieve in the dancing class of Levic:

Improve attention and concentration

The dancing treatment has significant effects and advantages on mentally unbalanced kids, including improving fixation and memory. Any kind of dancing activity is certain to build up autistic kids’ social correspondence and adjustment to various circumstances in a very much characterized way.

Express their emotions using movements and music

Anjana Bhat, a physical therapy associate professor at Delaware University, has stated that social skills like smiling and verbalizing tend to appear more frequently on autistic children who take part in socially embedded movements such as warming up, dancing, chanting with the music rather than sitting and playing stationary games.
Dr. Bhat also concluded that yoga and dance improved coordination and balance, and that the breathing exercises in these kinds of activities helped calm children's anxieties.
In our class, the kids can take turns to dance and show themselves using facial expressions, arms' movement, therefore handling more natural interaction with one another.

Enhance social interactions and form relationships

The initial step of shaping a relation among people is through our body’s movements, especially dancing. Along these lines, the achievement that dancing treatment has in working with individuals with mental imbalance is its capacity to deliver treatment results in the region of social relatedness, particularly in the arrangement of connections.
Ms. Devereaux from Dance Therapy for Autism has confirmed that even though there is no "treatment" for autism, dancing can address the same duty by boosting your kid's energy and shaping a warm, happy, and fulfilling association between you and your little angel.
Dancing treatment at Levic is likewise an extraordinary apparatus used to improve your child’s ability to comprehend and sympathize with people.
Lavinia Machado, an Assistant Professor in the Science Education Department at Federal University of Sergipe - Brazil, says that "dancing as a type of treatment may invigorate the incorporation of observation and sensation”. For the most part, dancing is connected to music, which can help develop social cooperation and correspondence a lot less complicated than using words.


Levic Dance Class will be the perfect place for your autistic kid to explore his/her imaginary spirit through dancing movements. Let's join in our class today for numerous fun experiences and unforgettable memories we will create together in the class. See you there!
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