Levic’s Art Therapy - Beneficial Treatment for Autism Children

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Autism is taken more seriously than ever. It affects children’s mental health a lot and parents are searching for the most effective treatment for their daughters and sons. So, today, we will walk you through about Levic art therapy - the most beneficial treatment for autism children.
Let’s dive right in!

Why should you choose art therapy for your autistic kids

  1. Art is a non-verbal method for communication
Children with autism found benefits from art therapy
Children with autism found benefits from art therapy

Since the dawn of human civilization, art has always been an ultimate tool to communicate between all kinds of genders, races, even generations. For children with autism, there is no exception.

One of the problems with autism patients, in general, is that they have trouble trying to interact with people, this may include speaking, writing, or even body language. In some cases, they find it really hard to recognize different emotions on other faces, so sign languages are not suitable for them.

On the other side, art approaches autism children with colors and shapes, helping them to form visual memory better. Through painting, children can express their emotions and thoughts without the need for words.
At Levic, we offer personal support at home, and our experts will be in charge of planning and managing therapeutic programs, including art therapy, to ensure the best result for your children.

2. Improve children ability to endure:

Children with autism usually have short-tempered and easily feel troubled by anything, such as: light, noises, voices, etc, and start losing control. They can scream, shout, smash objects, or even hurt people and themselves.

Art therapy is an amazing solution to this problem. Drawing requires patience and high concentration, so children will focus more on the painting and temporarily ignore their surroundings.

Besides, our experts will guide your child in transforming their anger into the picture, and as a result, he/she will gradually become calmer and control their temper better.

3. Reduce chances of self-harming

Autism children often experience depression. This is a major issue, every year, thousands of children harm themselves, causing life-time scar.

Painting has done a brilliant job to prevent self-harming. Children feel attracted to colors and shapes, and start to love playing around with their drawing pencils, watercolor, picture books, and feel cheered up. They can find happiness by creating their own “masterpiece” and showcase them to others.

At Levic, children can participate in charity events like auctions or exhibits. This is a great chance to show children that they are cherished, loved and supported. Through events like this, we help children with autism to connect and make friends with each other, in some cases,  a lot of talented young artists were discovered and accepted into art schools.

4. Recommended by doctors

All around the world, mental professionals have proof that art therapy has amazing benefits on autism children. A lot of research works with a variety of artillery were published and achieved outstanding results. So there is no reason to reject this therapy method!

Benefits for Children After Attending Art Therapy

  1. Improve social skills for autisms:
Drawing can be an interesting teamwork activity for children with autism. Children with autism always feel insecure and uncomfortable when trying to communicate with others. But, while working together on an art project, they are encouraged to express ideas, thus breaking the ice between them.
Autism children doing artwork together
Autism children doing artwork together

In a creative environment, children can learn how to cooperate, share, respect, and cultivate other life skills. Painting also gives children a visual look at other ideas, helps them understand each other more, and make friends.

2. Increase academic ability

Art therapy helps increase remembrance ability for autisms. They can get to know objects and learn about them through the vibrance of colors and inculcate them into their brain.
Creating art promotes imagination and graphic intelligence , children will develop their thinking and understand academic issues easier, which can’t be done through books. Observing skills can also be improved remarkably through this creative process.
Aside from that, through visual arts, we can teach children about layout, perspectives of an object and organizing. This is significantly important in academic activities like the thinking process or problem solving. Art therapy can open up new opportunities to educate children with autism.

3. Reduce emotional disorder

Making art is an emotional experience. Therefore, these therapy sessions allow children with emotional disorders to practice recognizing and controlling their emotions in a protected environment.
Children can use art to express their feelings when words can not deliver. Parents and therapists can understand their child better through the creating process, create a bond, getting closer to the children. We can identify their feelings and help them to block negative expressions.

4. Pave the way for future artists

Talented individuals can be found
Talented individuals can be found

In some cases, art therapy has opened a brand new world for children with autism, where they can do whatever they want and no one can judge them. Some talented young boys or girls made incredible and bold artworks to express themselves. Their talent was found out and trained, given the opportunity to have a career as an artist.

In a Nutshell

Art therapy is an amazing work to take care of mental health for children with autism, using the making process to improve social, communication, and academic skills. This therapy has shown incredible results on children with disorders and created a future for thousands of patients.
We hope that you are now equipped with all information about Levic art therapy - the most beneficial treatment for autism children. For any other information, please check out our website:  https://levic.net/. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this to your friends and families to enhance your knowledge.
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